Self-Quiz: Sexual Honoring

Please answer the following questions honestly to create an accurate assessment of your current state. Once complete, add your quiz score to your "Heart State Assessment" PDF Worksheet, to track your progress and create your overall heart state reading.

Name (Optional)
Do you believe men and women are equals?
Do you have a boundary to becoming self-abusive?

Do you or would you stand-up to the self-abuse of a loved one?

Do you create self-healing for any gender or sexual traumas you have experienced?

Do you have boundaries to others placing gender roles, expectations and rules onto you?

Do you have a boundary to gender or sexual harassment in your family, workplace, and community ?

Do you have boundaries to covert sexual abuse in your life including sexual inappropriate over-sharing, excessive looking, complimenting, touching, kissing, exposing self, pornography addiction, and unhealthy attention seeking?

Do you have a boundary to sexual abuse in your life including molestation, rape, cheating in committed relationships, sex used in manipulation?

Do you hold a safe sexual space for yourself and your chosen partner(s)?

Do you have a healthy space of love, romance, sexuality, and gender honoring in your life?

Do you enjoy health sex orgasms, and loving sexual experiences?

Do you honor when your personal desires do no match with possible partner(s) giving them space?

Are you able to pull back sexual feelings when it would not be honoring others needs/desires?

Are you sexually fulfilled with needing excessive sexual confirmation from non-partners?

Do prefer monogamous relationship with full physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual intimacy?

Do you create healthy sexual experiences honoring yourself and your partners desires?

Have you consciously developed your own personal sense of your gender, sexual space, built confidence, self-acceptance, love, romance, expression, and partnership different than how your family taught you?

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