Self-Quiz: Freedom of Perspective

Please answer the following questions honestly to create an accurate assessment of your current state. Once complete, add your quiz score to your "Heart State Assessment" PDF Worksheet, to track your progress and create your overall heart state reading.

Name (Optional)
Do you believe every person should have their own unique perspective?
Do you or would you stand-up to the self-abuse of a loved one?

Do you like seeing from many perspectives, and discovering your own?

Do you believe when two people share the same belief that will see it with different perspectives?

Do you have a boundary to dominating over others perspective or them dominating of yours?

Do you rely on your own learning, intuition, and vision?

Do you have a boundary to becoming self-abusive?

Do you research educational sources over time to discover your vision of truth?

Do you blindly follow what your family, community, religion, government, scholastic, or education source tell you without doing further research?

Have you consciously developed your own vision, perspective, and way of seeing the world different than how your family taught you?

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