Self-Quiz: Freedom of Behavior

Please answer the following questions honestly to create an accurate assessment of your current state. Once complete, add your quiz score to your "Heart State Assessment" PDF Worksheet, to track your progress and create your overall heart state reading.

Name (Optional)
Do you have a standard of believing that people are valuable with any lifestyle they choose for themself?
Do you have a boundary to becoming self-abusive?

Do you have a boundary to controlling others or others controlling you?

Do you or would you stand-up to the self-abuse of a loved one?

Are you open to developing new ways of living and doing things differently in your daily life?

Do you practice non-judgement, non-violence, and acceptance for people who are different than you?

Do you feel confident in being unique without needing others approval, judgment, or acceptance?

Are you comfortable with giving and receiving feedback with others and staying confident in yourself?

Are you set in your ways, routines, schedules, approaches in how to do the things that matter in your life?

Have you consciously developed your identity, life purposes, how to love yourself & others; different than how you family taught you?