Self-Quiz: Financial Independence

Please answer the following questions honestly to create an accurate assessment of your current state. Once complete, add your quiz score to your "Heart State Assessment" PDF Worksheet, to track your progress and create your overall heart state reading.

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Do you believe men and women are meant to be financially independent?

Do you have a boundary to becoming self-abusive?

Do you or would you stand-up to the self-abuse of a loved one?

Do you believe all people should have a full education, purpose, and create money for themself?

Do you or would you, support a loved one with a disability or mental illness to be trained, prepared, and empowered with a job?

Do you have a boundary to your loved ones purposes, career, and finances becoming dependent on you or you on them, and everyone staying independent?

Do you have a boundary to stealing life purpose, career, business or financial energy from others?

If your loved ones ask for financial gifts, investment, or excessive support in their career – do you say no and focus on helping them to find empowerment to do this for themself?

Do you pay others for their work what they are worth, and ask others to pay you for your work as your worth?

Have you consciously developed your identity, life purposes, how to love yourself & others; different than how you family taught you?

Do you pay what things are worth without asking for excessive discounting?

Do you value your own and others contributions equally?

Do you exchange energy of love, purpose, creation, and money with joy?

Are you financially independent without the need to ask for excessive help from your loved ones?

Do you place education, independence, purpose and empowerment at a high priority for yourself and your loved ones?

If a loved one asked for financial help – do you offer a loan and support for their empowerment without gifting them, taking over, or taking on responsibility for them?

Do you live your life purpose, share your gifts, create, give & receive money different than how your family taught you?