Self-Quiz: Abuse Disabling

Please answer the following questions honestly to create an accurate assessment of your current state. Once complete, add your quiz score to your "Heart State Assessment" PDF Worksheet, to track your progress and create your overall heart state reading.

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Do you believe in healthy self-love?
Do you have a boundary to becoming self-abusive?

Do you or would you stand-up to the self-abuse of a loved one?

Do you believe mental illness, food addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism, drug/ gambling/sex addictions should be confronted with support for healing change?

Do you believe in healthy loving relationships?

Do you or would you stand up to relationship abuse?

Do you believe abusive people need to help them self instead of their loved ones needing to help them?

In abusive situations, do you/would you request to abusers to stop their abuse, get help and end the abuse cycle?

With abusive loved ones, do you maintain your personal empowerment and not allow the abuser to have any control, domination, or leadership over you?

Do you have a healthy boundary to fulfilling an abusive persons unhealthy demands, manipulations, wishes, false needs or requests?

Do you have a boundary with abusers, to not allow their way of thinking or logic to infiltrate your own? Rejecting their judgements, blaming, and gas lighting?

Do you have a boundary to an abusers manipulative threats  or blaming of you of separation?

Do you or would you face dangers to stand up to abuse?

Do you or would you protect children from being abused by other children or adults?

Do you/ would you stand up to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual or financial abuse?

Do you appreciate people who confront self-abuse or relationship abuse working for healing change?

Have you consciously created your own way of confronting self-abuse, relationship abuse, the enabling of this acts different than how your family taught you?

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