Vanessa Clayton
Vanessa created OM LIVING in 2009 with a mission to help adults and children around the world be their higher self. As a natural intuitive higher self teacher & healer – she is pioneering a movement of higher self consciousness, education, and self-healing training.

She received a BFA in Musical Theater as an actress, singer, and dancer with additional studies in identity realization movement including: Comedia dell Arte, Suzuki, Biomechanics, Viewpoints, Auto Cours’, Circusing, Sense Memory, Feldenkrais, and Pilates. She started practicing yoga as a child, became a Certified Hot Power Yoga Teacher, and now shares many forms of yogic practices with her 34 years of experience. A part of her studies includes working with healing foods as a Certified Raw Food Chef. Vanessa as a yogi, movement & sound artist, wellness lover, and natural higher self intuitive – offers OM LIVING with innovative approaches to help every person to be their higher self.

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OM LIVING is a space of heart-to-heart connection, higher self-witnessing, non-judgment, and acceptance of all people. The OM LIVING community is made of adults and children of all ages, with different beliefs, faiths, countries, and languages. This is a space of inclusivity, support, and joy in every person being their unique higher self.


My name is Vanessa. Welcome to my website! I am a natural higher self intuitive teacher. I offer unique insight into the higher self and how you can rehabilitate your higher self connection.

To begin, I welcome you to take monthly self-healing steps with the life-changing  Soul Evolver Susbcription! Hope to see you there!


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