Vanessa Clayton

Vanessa is a natural higher self intuitive. Since she was a child, she’s had a gift to see a persons higher self, their heart, what is blocking them, and what will help them to be their best self.

In 2009, she founded OM LIVING in Los Angeles and began teaching the Higher Self Heart Meditation that spread around the world by word-of-mouth. This brought her on a journey of working with hundreds of people worldwide with one-on-one process to heal the deepest issues of the heart. She is excited now to offer all her courses and self-healing process in the Heart Rehab Membership.

Education: Vanessa received a BFA in Musical Theater as an actress, singer, and dancer with additional studies in identity realization movement. She is also a Certified Hot Power Yoga Teacher, and Certified Raw Food Chef. Vanessa with her natural intuition and lifetime of studies – offers OM LIVING with innovative approaches to help every person to be their higher self.

Years of yoga, meditation, & healing practice.

Years of self-healing services.

Countries of students.

One-on-one sessions



OM LIVING is a space of heart-to-heart connection, higher self-witnessing, non-judgment, and acceptance of all people. The OM LIVING community is made of adults and children of all ages, with different beliefs, faiths, countries, and languages. This is a space of inclusivity, support, and joy in every person being their unique higher self.

Get access to all of Vanessa’s courses and sessions in one life-changing membership. Rehabilitate your heart connection and evolve every area of your life.

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