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Hi, my name is Vanessa. Welcome to my website! I created OM LIVING in 2009 with a mission to help people around the world to rehabiliate their heart. As a natural intuitive higher self intuitive – I am pioneering a movement of heart consciousness, self-healing, and heart-to-heart relationships.

I have spent my life developing techniques to heal myself and helping others to do the same. In 2009, I began teaching the Higher Self Heart Meditation, and within a few months this training spread around the world by word-of-mouth. Since then I have helped thousands to rehabilitate their heart and be their best self. It has been an incredible honor to witness so many amazing people to heal them self!

When I am not teaching and working with students one-on-one, you will find me traveling the world, continuing my education, creating music, dancing, spending time in nature, doing yoga & hiking, cooking delicious foods, and enjoying my beautiful life with my partner and family.

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OM LIVING is a space of heart-to-heart connection, higher self-witnessing, non-judgment, and acceptance of all people. The OM LIVING community is made of adults and children of all ages, with different beliefs, faiths, countries, and languages. This is a space of inclusivity, support, and joy in every person being their unique higher self.

Vanessa promises you a space of acceptance, high standards, multiple learning style options, a variety of ways to participate online & in-person, with personal one-on-one support for every students who enters. She extends the highest care to every person and supporting their needs. 

Q & A with Vanessa:

What do you do?

I help people rehabilitate their heart in a unique self-healing process. Releasing the false identity, transforming of limiting beliefs & behaviors, healing post traumatic stress, letting go of co-dependent relationship issues, learning healthy boundaries, healing abuse & addiction, improving mental & physical health. Whatever is blocking your heart – I can help you to get unblocked, and enter a health, happy, loving state.

Who is Heart Rehab for?

For serious self-healers who are determined to heal their heart, mind, body and relationships. Including: soul lovers, yogis, meditators, energy healers, creative divas, lovers, people who want to heal with their loved ones, channels for the world, and those in health crisis.

What is special about OM LIVING?

I am a higher self intuitive and offer a unique self-healing process unlike anything else you can experience. My unique self-healing methods spread around the world by word-of-mouth, and have helped thousands of adults & children to heal themself. I offer empowering methods that are highly impactful, life changing, and create instant transformations. If you have the determination to heal yourself in this process, you will create a heart awakening transformation unlike anything you have experienced, and never want to go back to being closed hearted again.

What is my education & experience background?

I have spent my life studying the arts, wellness, and personal development. I received a BFA in Musical Theater as an actress, singer, dancer, physical theater. I am a certified yoga teacher, and raw food chef. As a lifetime yogi, wellness practioner, and natural self-healing intuitive I teach a unqiue fusion of methods that create incredible personal transformations.

Where is OM LIVING located?

My studio is available online worldwide. I started my 1st in-person studio in Los Angeles, CA, and then went on a teaching tour, which took me to Europe for many years. I am now based in Phoenix and travel around the desert places like Southern CA, Santa fe, the rocky mountains, around the world wherever my soul takes me.

Why do I do what I do?

After healing my heart from abuse, trauma, addiction, and deep suffering – I felt a great determination to help others on their self-healing path in any way I could. I believe we all have a birthright to live a happy life, no matter what we have done or what has happened to us. I want to help every woman, every man, every child who has known suffering to stand tall, feel strong, and regain their natural, happy, healthy state.


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