Who Is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is your invisible soul.

Your soul is unique, with unique identity, gifts, purposes, and presence. On the Otherside and in this world – your higher self is present to make a difference that only you can make.

You were born as your higher self. Your soul entered the world shining ready to be present in this life. As you entered your path, and began to develop your personality, your higher self energy stayed in your heart and began to walk with you as a guide.


Imagine the highest version of you – beautiful, happy, healthy, expressive, and strong. Abundant with all your life purposes flowing.

Every higher self is unique and looks like the highest version of the person they represent. A higher self will look exactly like the highest version of the person. Whether it is an artist, a rockstar, a scientist, or farmer – they will look exactly like the person’s best self!

Attributes every higher self carries –

Purpose: Your higher self looks like the purposes you have.

Beauty: Your higher self is beautiful, in a way that you find beautiful.

Fitness: Your higher self is strong, fit, and has an amazing physical body.

Health: Your higher self is mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy in every way.

Happiness: Your higher self lives with great sense of purpose, integrity, and freedom embodying your greatest happiness.

Expression: Your higher self is very expressive and lets the world know why you came into this life.

Creativity: Your higher self is a channel to your gifts, purposes, and creates through you whenever you allow them to.

Connection: Your higher self is heart-to-heart with the Earth and all beings in this world.

Heart Centered: Your higher self comes from the heart – with unconditional love, truth, intuition, and abundance of all things you hold sacred.

Exercise: To see your higher self, simply imagine your dream ideal self. What would you look like if you were in your true identity? Purposes? Health? Fitness? Love? Creativity? Happiness? That is you, the REAL you. That’s what they look like, and that’s what you could look like if you choose to embody your soul.

Your inner guide, guru and healer.

Your higher self is the voice inside whispering wisdom in your heart. They are your primary spiritual guide in life before any other – you soul is in you to guide your unique way. If you have chosen to follow a God or Goddess, spirit or animal guide – your soul higher self is your primary guidance before any other. 

Your inner source of wisdom, purpose, gifts, ideas, and natural stregnth comes from your higher self. Here your inner guru rises, and when you empower them they truly become your healer.

Your inner source of love, light, intuition, purposes, gifts, creation, healing and manifestation.

Your higher self lives in your heart in your Divine connection. When your heart is open, and your natural inner source of your higher self is active – all your soul energy is able to come through you. 

Your inner source is electric, and has the capability to fill you, lift you, and move you deeply. Your source of love for yourself and others. Your source of truth. Your source for life lives here. The more you open your heart, the more you connect with your higher self, the more you inner source can take over and flow through you naturally. 

When you have closed your heart, fed your false self identity, you will have a hard time accessing your inner source of energy. You will instead look outside yourself to other people, experiences, substances, or addictions to get energy. Remember you have your source in you, just waiting for you to access the electric life energy you need. 


You connect with your higher self when your heart is open.

Being open hearted has become cliche, though it’s ancient wisdom is the foundation of what we all need in life. 

Opening your heart is not something you can do in a moment and expect to change your life. Conditioning your heart to stay open, day & night, in the good & difficult moments, through your stress is the key. Once your heart has rehabiliated and is staying open, then it can serve you in all the moments of your life. And your higher self can consitnatly work through you lifting you up to be your greatest self.  

What your higher self is not.

Your higher self is not some spiritual entity that lives away from you. They are not seperate from you. They do not require you to go a vision quest, to leave your body, or seperate from yourself to connect with them. They live in your heart, they walk with you, and act as your primary soul guide. They work through you in love, light, gifts, purpose, creation, and manifestation. They are connected to the Otherside, though their home is always in your heart.

Often spiritual teachers guide people to see their higher self as something that cannot be accessed easily. Leaving the body is often done with unsafe methods and leaves a person looking to find their higher self somewhere else. In a state of serching for your soul – remember your higher self is in your heart and you dont have to go anywhere but within yourself to find them.

Experience your higher self connection. 

As a natural intuitive, I have a gift of seeing others higher selves, hearing their messages, and guidance to self-heal the heart. The best advice I can give to you to connect with your higher self is to first heal your heart, know your higher self is always with you, open your heart when you need – if you do this you will find your way.

To help you do this, I created Heart Rehab membership. I invite to experience a free class to get started with your journey!



Vanessa Clayton is an internationally acclaimed higher self intuitive teacher, speaker, and writer. She founded OM LIVING in 2009 with a mission to help adults and children around the world be their higher self. She has 33 years of yoga, meditation, intuitive and healing experience. She also received a BFA in Musical Theater, a Certified Hot Power Yoga Teacher, and is a Certified Raw Food Chef. Vanessa with her natural intuitive gifts and beautiful spectrum of education offers OM LIVING with innovative approaches to help every person to be their higher self.

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