Online training for your heart-mind-body-relationship connection. Heal your life with the power of your heart. 

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Recommended by doctors, nurses, counselors, energy healers, meditation and yoga teachers.

The Heart Rehab Membership empowers adults with heart consciousness education, self-healing training, and a guided process to rehabilitate their heart connection on the deepest level. With all the tools needed to self-heal negative childhood programming, the false self, limiting beliefs, post traumatic stress, relationship issues, mental health issues, and whatever is blocking the heart + happiness. Helping self-healers to thrive as their higher self.

Do you need to heal your heart?  Do you stay up at night feeling your potential and your blocks keeping you from living your dreams?  You are not alone. 

Your heart is your inner source. When you are open hearted – you are your best self. When your heart is blocked – you live a life of limitation. If you hear a little voice inside of you saying  – “I am capable of more than this. There is more inside my heart.” You are correct. Your inner wisdom is leading you in the right direction, and the solution is inside you.

Your heart is electric, and can be turned on as easily as a light switch. All you need to do is to learn how and your natural state will take over. Lifting you up to the happiest, healthiest, most abundant version of you.

One membership. All the self-healing you need.

In Heart Rehab, you will receive foundation training, self-healing sessions, over 50 short classes, process guides, and support tools – giving you everything you need to rehab your heart from the inside-out.


Basic Heart Rehab techniques to study, practice, and master for every program phase. 



Higher Self Heart Meditation. Daily heart connection rehabilitation.



Insightful MP3 sessions to create instant transformation in all areas of life.



Open your heart's source of energy, identity, intuition, gifts & purposes. Expand your heart.



Ground your heart in your body, nutrition, home, creation, and money. Be electric.



Create a self energy healing practice and clear your blocks. Be your own healer.



Learn the 7 Heart-to-Heart Relationship States with healthy energy boundaries.



Assess your heart - see where you are healthy and where you are blocked. 



Healing processing, progress tracking and realizations. Materials to make your own.



Follow these guides to create a Heart Rehab series to fulfill your needs.


Imagine your meditation giving you heart super powers…

✓ Expanding your inner source of energy.

✓ Being your true self with purposes flowing.

✓ Healing childhood negative programming.

✓ Healing trauma & post traumatic stress.

✓ Loving yourself & others more deeply.

✓ Being heart-to-heart + healthy boundaries.

✓ Being healthy in mind, body & spirit.

✓ Thriving in a state of abundance.

Available 24/7 on all your devices. 

Hear Students Heart Stories

Learn from individuals and practitioners of how the Heart Rehab proven methods have worked for them.

“The Higher Self Heart Meditation is an important practice that I use every day. It has helped me self-heal severe mental conditions. It empowers me to be my own self energy healer, and overcome any stress that I may bring up. It helps me to feel good in my body and be present.

These practices have improved my mind being quieter, my sleep, mental clarity, memory, and my physical health has been very vibrant too. All areas of my life have transformed!”

Jeffrey, Self-healer

“Vanessa works on a higher level than any teacher, healer, or guide that I have worked with. She has helped me to understand how energy healing works and how to help others to heal themself. My reiki gifts have expanded and treatments with my clients have become more effective. I can see the deeper impact from the heart self-healing practices I am guiding my clients in. I love seeing them have such amazing results. I am so grateful for this training!” Ali, Practitioner

“Vanessa helped me open my heart so I could learn how to really love myself, and love others.

I am an empath. When I walk into a room filled with all types of energies, it used to be overwhelming for me. I have learned how to be open hearted and have healthy energy boundaries. It has changed my life drastically. I found my true love “soul mate,” I started my dream business, and am now open hearted with everyone with healthy boundaries. “

Deanna, Self-healer

“Working with Vanessa in activating my healing and intuitive abilities have been a beautiful experience. I have been teaching and practicing Reiki now for over 10 years, and have used many healing techniques. When I began working with Vanessa my work was elevated and my healing ability became much stronger. The heart methods she teaches are the most effective energy healing methods I use. I have expanded so much since we started working together.”

Danielle, Practitioner

“After 15 years of working with counselors without improvement in my condition, I worked with Vanessa and after my first session my whole life greatly improved. For many years I was taking on the energy of others and it was making me have anxiety, stomach & reproductive issues. Now that I have healthy energy boundaries my relationships have improved, my health issues disappeared, and my anxiety has greatly lessened. Everything I have tried in OM LIVING has worked for me.”

Karen, Self-healer

“I have struggled with insomnia with many years. After my first experience with the heart meditation – I slept for 20 hours and then regained a normal sleep schedule every night. The change in my energy has been amazing and has brought me back to my life!

What I have learned has also given me so much support with my boyfriend and family. We have had so many issues. It helped me end unhealthy patterns and find happiness.”

Katherine, Self-healer

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa Clayton is a natural higher self intuitive. Since she was a child, she’s had a gift to see a persons higher self, their heart, what is blocking them, and what will help them to be their best self.

In 2009, she founded OM LIVING in Los Angeles and began teaching the Higher Self Heart Meditation that spread around the world by word-of-mouth. This brought her on a journey of working with hundreds of people worldwide with one-on-one process to heal the deepest issues of the heart. She is excited now to offer all her courses and self-healing process in the Heart Rehab Membership.

“I understand what it feels like to be broken inside – with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, abuse, addiction, and health break down.


I believe we all deserve to live with our hearts full. To experience our natural heart design of love, happiness, and health – no matter what we have been through.


After experiencing my intense challenges and intuitively rehabiliating my heart, I have dedicated my life to helping others to heal themself. I would be honored to support you on your journey.”

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