Be your higher self.

Your higher self is your soul, inner guru, guide, and healer. Imagine the best version of yourself – happy, healthy, loving, purposeful, thriving, & abundant. That is your higher self! Learn how to transform your life through your higher self connection.

Rehabilitate your higher self heart connection.

Childhood family issues, traumas, and fears cause you to develop a false self with limiting beliefs & behaviors. Closing your heart, creating post-traumatic stress, loss of health, and life destruction cycles. This causes you to disconnect you from your higher self.

Create a transformational self energy healing practice with the daily Higher Self Heart Meditation!


Read students Higher Self Stories


“My higher self helps me to feel inspired. Confident. Grounded. He helps me feel like I’m worthwhile and valuable. Helps me to have fun, and helps me feel positive & healthy inside. I was able to heal severe mental afflictions without the use of medications with the OM LIVING process. I am not on any medications now. I’m very grateful for that.”

“I have struggled with insomnia with many years, after my first session with experiencing the heart meditation – I slept for 20 hours and then regained a normal sleep schedule every night. The change in my energy has been truly remarkable and has helped heal my sleep and bring me back to my life!”

“Working with Vanessa in activating my healing and intuitive abilities has been a beautiful and magical experience. I have been teaching and practicing Reiki now for over 10 years, and had been practicing many energy technique and approaches. When a began working with Vanessa everything in my work was elevated and my healing ability became much stronger. I believe in her vision and understanding of energy. I love sharing what she has taught me with my student and clients. I have expanded so much since we started working together. Thank you Vanessa for helping learn how to love myself, heal myself, and truly help others to heal.”

“After 15 years of working with counselors and psychologists without improvement in my condition, I worked with Vanessa and after my first session my whole life and condition greatly improved. I am amazed and relieved to understand my energy and how to have healthy boundaries with other people. For so many years I was taking on the energy of everyone in my life and it was a heavy load carry that made me sick, have anxiety, add, ocd, stomach & reproductive issues. Now that I have healthy boundaries all of my relationships have improved, my stomach and reproductive health issues have disappeared, and my anxiety has greatly lessened. Everything I have tried in OM LIVING has worked for me. Thank you Vanessa!”

“Vanessa works on a higher level than any teacher, healer, or guide that I have worked with. She has helped me to see what I have wanted to understand my whole life. She has brought me so much clarity and understanding of how energy works.”

“Working with OM LIVING has helped me immensely in my life. Vanessa helped me open my heart so I could learn how to really love myself, and love others with healthy boundaries. That’s what Vanessa really helped me do. She changed my whole life for the better.”

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