Be Your
Higher Self.

Become the happiest + healthiest version of yourself. Self-heal your deepest blocks with the power of your heart.

Recommended by doctors, nurses, counselors, energy healers, meditation and yoga teachers.

The Heart Rehab Membership empowers adults with self-healing process that rehabilitates the heart connection. With all the tools to self-heal core issues. Including negative childhood programming, the false self, limiting beliefs, post traumatic stress, relationship issues, health conditions,  abuse, addiction, and the deepest issues blocking the heart. Helping self-healers to thrive as their higher self.

Rehabilitate your heart connection.

Your heart is your connection point with your higher self and everything in the Universe. Negative chilhood programming, trauma, and your false self have closed part of your heart connection. Creating loss for you in love, identity, purpose, health, relationships and manifestation. The Higher Self Heart Meditation self-healing techniques will help you to restore your heart connection.

What will healing your heart manifest into your life? You are unique unlike any other. Your heart connection will bring you special gifts that only for you. 


Activate your heart inner source. Self-heal your deepest blocks in all areas of life. Learn how to focus your heart to create the life you dream.


Learn how to use your heart energy to heal your mind, body, and soul. Overcome limiting beliefs, trauma, relationship issues, & health conditions.


Learn the 7 Heart-to-Heart Relationship States and create healthy energy boundaries. Release your attachments in love that close your heart down. 


Enbody your unique higher self. Find a new state of identity, happiness, health, purpose, abundance, and flowing manifestation. 

Heart Stories

Hear from self-healers how the Heart Rehab methods have worked for them.

“The Higher Self Heart Meditation is an important practice that I use every day. It has helped me self-heal severe mental conditions. This practice empowers me to be my own self energy healer, and overcome any stress that I may bring up. After I feel good in my body and present.

These practices have improved my mind being quieter, my sleep, mental clarity, memory, and my physical health has been very vibrant too. All areas of my life have transformed!”

Jeffrey, Self-healer

“After 15 years of working with counselors without improvement in my condition, I have truly begun to heal myself in my process with Vanessa. For many years I was taking on the energy of others and it was making me have anxiety, digestive & reproductive issues. Now that I have healthy energy boundaries my relationships have improved, my health issues disappeared, and my anxiety has greatly lessened. Everything I have tried in OM LIVING has worked for me.”

Karen, Self-healer

“Vanessa helped me open my heart so I could learn how to really love myself, and love others.

I am an empath. When I walk into a room filled with all types of energies, it used to be overwhelming for me. Learning how to be open hearted and have healthy energy boundaries has changed my life. I found my true love “soul mate,” started my dream business, and now am open hearted with everyone with healthy boundaries.”

Deanna, Self-healer

Meet Vanessa Clayton.

Since I was a child, I’ve been a higher self intuitive. After experiencing abuse, empath overwhelm, anxiety, depression, relationship issues,  addiction, and health break down – my higher self guided  me to intuitively rehabilitate my heart. Since then, I have made it my mission to help others to heal themself.

I understand what it feels like to be broken inside. Whatever you have been through, I understand where you are now and what can you help you. I believe we all can heal through the power of our hearts. I would be honored to support you on your journey! Learn more about Vanessa. 

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